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With over 80 years experience as a leading food manufacturer, Haco-Swiss brings modern technology into your kitchen with savory products for speed-scratch cooking that are efficient, reliable and guarantee success. With Haco-Swiss Bases, Soups and Sauces, you can enjoy the benefits of unsurpassed quality, premium taste, consistent results, reduced preparation times, safety and facilitation of HACCP guidelines. Above all, Haco-Swiss offers profitable high yields; their bases produce up to 40% more finished product than the standard base. Their Cuisine Santé line completes the offering with bases, soups and sauces that are gluten-free and allergen friendly.

Haco-Swiss is a leader in the industry of premium quality European food products. Backed by almost 80 years of experience, this company’s beginnings included Professor Tadeus Reichstein, a Haco-Swiss employee, who synthesized Vitamin C and was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine for discovering cortisone in 1950. In 1922, Haco AG was founded to manufacture and distribute pharmaceutical products. The following year, Haco-Swiss acquired Texton in Gumligen Switzerland and eventually became a food company. This change marked their entry into the food industry. Haco-Swiss’ research and development are proof of their leadership in the industry.

Today, Haco-Swiss brings modern technology into your kitchen by assisting the chef serve fine quality food while maintaining costs. Haco-Swiss offers a wide range of superior savory products, including the finest Soups, Bases, Consommes, Sauces and Seasonings for the chef that expects profitable perfection. Haco-Swiss products offer first-class Swiss quality, consistent results, and profitable high yields. Dehydrated, thus shelf stable, Haco-Swiss requires no refrigeration or freezer space prior to use. Experiment with our wide range of products to develop a perfect selection of recipes of your own.

Cuisine Sante: Gluten & Allergen Friendly Menu Solutions
In 2008, Haco-Swiss introduced Cuisine Santé, an innovative line of savory products that complies with the strictest nutritional standards while delivering superior taste.

These dehydrated, high-yielding products currently include meat and vegetarian stocks and soup and sauce foundation starters. They contain no trans or hydrogenated fats, gluten, lactose, allergens, unnecessary bulking agents, artificial flavors, or flavor enhancers. Their dietary benefits make them highly appealing to health conscious kitchens, universities, institutions and restaurants.

Cuisine Santé by Haco-Swiss: Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Menu Solutions
Introducing a new product line from Haco-Swiss that is gluten free and allergy friendly. Cuisine Santé offers all the benefits of compliance to strict nutritional standards without compromising superior taste. Easy to prepare and high yielding, it is an ideal solution for demanding professional kitchens and institutions.

• Featuring bases, soup mixes, and sauces & gravies.
• Cuisine Sante products are Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO)
• Delivers superior taste and the highest nutritional standards
• Satisfies all relevant nutritional requirements and suits customers of all ages
• Easy and quick preparation
• Premium "Haco-Swiss" quality
• As a high yield product, Cuisine Santé offers cost savings to professional kitchens
• Replaces Haco-Swiss "Nutritionally Balanced" and "Low Sodium" lines

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  1. Haco Swiss Base,chicken Granltd
    Haco Swiss Base,chicken Granltd Item #: 8000427 c
    As low as $284.79
  2. Haco Swiss Sauce, Demi Glace
    Haco Swiss Sauce, Demi Glace Item #: 8000643 c
    As low as $294.93
  3. Haco Swiss Soup,mushroom Mix
    Haco Swiss Soup,mushroom Mix Item #: 8000109 c
    As low as $23.79
  4. Haco Swiss Sauce,demi Glace
    Haco Swiss Sauce,demi Glace Item #: 8000680 c
    As low as $36.18
  5. Haco Swiss Soup,chowder Mix
    Haco Swiss Soup,chowder Mix Item #: 8000355 c
    As low as $25.87
  6. Haco Swiss Base,oriental Granltd
    Haco Swiss Base,oriental Granltd Item #: 8000404 c
    As low as $19.79
  7. Haco Swiss Topping,chocolate
    Haco Swiss Topping,chocolate Item #: 8000830 c
    As low as $26.74
  8. Haco Swiss Topping,frst Berries
    Haco Swiss Topping,frst Berries Item #: 8000837 c
    As low as $27.05
  9. Haco Swiss Base,chicken Granltd
    Haco Swiss Base,chicken Granltd Item #: 8000417 c
    As low as $22.96
  10. Haco Swiss Roux,cs White
    Haco Swiss Roux,cs White Item #: 8000730 c
    As low as $20.54
  11. Haco Swiss Seasoning,hacomat Spr
    Haco Swiss Seasoning,hacomat Spr Item #: 8000513 c
    As low as $19.35
  12. Haco Swiss Bouillon,fish Granltd
    Haco Swiss Bouillon,fish Granltd Item #: 8000407 c
    As low as $24.77
  13. Haco Swiss Base,beef Paste
    Haco Swiss Base,beef Paste Item #: 8000451 c
    As low as $19.91
  14. Haco Swiss Croquette,potato
    Haco Swiss Croquette,potato Item #: 8000509 c
    As low as $23.47
  15. Haco Swiss Soup,asparagus Mix
    Haco Swiss Soup,asparagus Mix Item #: 8000101 c
    As low as $20.76
  16. Haco Swiss Base,cs Beef Ls
    Haco Swiss Base,cs Beef Ls Item #: 8000722 c
    As low as $40.16
  17. Haco Swiss Base,chicken Paste
    Haco Swiss Base,chicken Paste Item #: 8000443 c
    As low as $103.86
  18. Haco Swiss Sauce,demi Glace Spr
    Haco Swiss Sauce,demi Glace Spr Item #: 8000633 c
    As low as $23.52
  19. Haco Swiss Sauce,fond De Crustaces Lie
    Haco Swiss Sauce,fond De Crustaces Lie Item #: 8000665 c
    As low as $45.27
  20. Haco Swiss Base,vege Granltd
    Haco Swiss Base,vege Granltd Item #: 8000421 c
    As low as $23.72

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