Masters of Swiss Edel Couvertures.™

CARMA® produces all of its products in the Dübendorf factory, close to the vibrant city of Zürich in Switzerland. There one-hundred of the most skilled and knowledgeable chocolate makers create PURE SWISS CHOCOLATE DELIGHTS for confectioners, chocolatiers, and bakers every day since 1931.

At CARMA® milk is not just milk – the Swiss didn’t just invent milk chocolate; they invented extraordinary milk chocolate! Our

unique creaminess and smoothness is partly thanks to the glorious Swiss cows. But it’s also down to the Swiss craftsmanship and passion for chocolate-making that is kept alive in every stage of the CARMA® process. This is probably why our Milk Claire 33% was crowned the ‘World’s Best Milk Couverture’*.

*Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani

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