Haco Swiss Supreme Beef Flavored Base 6/32 Oz

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Dark in color with a rich flavor. No herb garnish. Highest yielding soup base on the market (8 gal/lb). Crystal clear stock, "scratch-made" taste and appearance. Follows HACCP procedures.

Fat-free easily digestible beef consomme. Dark in color and with a rich flavor without herb garnish. Also excellent for stewed meats. Unit: 32 oz Case: 6 x 32 oz Yield/unit: 16 gal, Dosage/gallon: 2 oz Servings/unit serv. size: 256/1 cup • Highest yielding Soup Bases in the marketplace (8 gal/lb) • Crystal clear stocks, “from scratch” taste and appearance • Facilitates HACCP procedures • No refrigeration necessary, long shelf life Vegetarian, No MSG, Granulate