Authentic Italian Specialties. Sauces & Creams Prepared Vegetables. Dessert Mixes.

For over 70 years, MENU has pioneered the catering industry with its authentic Italian sauces, grilled and prepared vegetables and specialties. Founded in 1932 in Cavezzo, Italy, MENU ensures only the richest flavors by harvesting vegetables only in season from farms in Italy. The MENU offering includes classic Italian sauces like Neapolitan and pesto, as well as mushroom creams and olive spreads. Their savory and sweet sauces create dynamic fruit pairings featuring fig, strawberries in balsamic vinegar, and orange with onion and green tomato. Authentic Italian flavor make MENU’S grilled peppers, eggplant and artichokes superb ingredients for hors d’oeuvres or side dishes.



During its first 40 years MENU grew as a pioneer in the catering business. It was founded by Romolo Barbieri in 1932 as a salami factory in Cavezzo, Italy. It quickly evolved to a large company boasting more than 200 employees and representatives for approximately 30,000 customers and includes over 450 products.


 Notable to MENU’s authentic processes is that all vegetables are harvested only in season to achieve the richest flavors. Also, all farming is done in Italy to ensure consistent quality. The crops are carefully preserved by MENU’s talented culinary staff, who add a hand-prepared personal touch. By packaging their products in white-lined aluminum cans as well as jars, MENU has perfected food preservation and ensures the highest quality product will arrive at the chef’s kitchen.


The product selections include a wide range of sauces, condiments, mixes and desserts to create an endless variety of mouth-watering dishes with an Italian flare, always upholding the MENU reputation for experience and quality.

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  1. Menu Pizza Sauce
    Menu Pizza Sauce Item #: 051401 c
    As low as $30.46
  2. Menu Vegetable Mix Harmony
    Menu Vegetable Mix Harmony Item #: 057517 c
    As low as $14.35
  3. Menu Sauce Pomodorina
    Menu Sauce Pomodorina Item #: 055911 c
    As low as $11.26
  4. Menu Sauce Red Pesto
    Menu Sauce Red Pesto Item #: 052953 c
    As low as $11.71
  5. Menu Pomodoro Sauce Grivani
    Menu Pomodoro Sauce Grivani Item #: 056677 c
    As low as $20.51
  6. Menu Olives Mixed Spicy
    Menu Olives Mixed Spicy Item #: 052965 c
    As low as $14.42
  7. Menu Salsa Fichi
    Menu Salsa Fichi Item #: 057527 c
    As low as $10.73
  8. Menu Sauce Pomodorina
    Menu Sauce Pomodorina Item #: 055901 c
    As low as $6.12
  9. Menu Sauce Bruschetta Mia
    Menu Sauce Bruschetta Mia Item #: 052977 c
    As low as $6.65
  10. Menu Sauce Spicy Vegetable
    Menu Sauce Spicy Vegetable Item #: 057531 c
    As low as $13.39
  11. Menu Sauce Shakshuka
    Menu Sauce Shakshuka Item #: 051257 c
    As low as $15.57
  12. Menu Tomato Mini Red Pld Semi Dried
    Menu Tomato Mini Red Pld Semi Dried Item #: 052961 c
    As low as $19.38
  13. Menu Sauce Black Olives
    Menu Sauce Black Olives Item #: 052947 c
    As low as $11.11
  14. Menu Olive Denocciolate
    Menu Olive Denocciolate Item #: 052978 c
    As low as $126.86
  15. Menu Caponata
    Menu Caponata Item #: 052960 c
    As low as $0.31
  16. Menu Sauce Vegetable W/chili
    Menu Sauce Vegetable W/chili Item #: 052972 c
    As low as $12.71
  17. Menu Sauce Black Olives
    Menu Sauce Black Olives Item #: 052949 c
    As low as $19.07
  18. Menu Mushroom Porcini Boschetto
    Menu Mushroom Porcini Boschetto Item #: 055913 c
    As low as $30.54
  19. Menu Salsa Fragola
    Menu Salsa Fragola Item #: 057530 c
    As low as $15.68
  20. Menu Mushrooms Mixed For Antipasto
    Menu Mushrooms Mixed For Antipasto Item #: 052970 c
    As low as $21.39

Items 1-20 of 79

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