Marmalades. Glazes. Gels.  

Bakbel produces fine fruit products for the bakery, confectionery and food service industry. Founded originally in Belgium, the company offers a varied range of high quality products that bring your pastries and desserts to life.

All the raw materials or fruits used by Bakbel are carefully selected on the basis of their high-quality and taste, their ability to withstand pasteurization, their level of ripeness and their place of origin. In order to ensure that the highest quality fruit is used, we select only the most premium fruits at their most optimal time of harvest.


• Delicious, all-natural Marmalades that are bake and freeze-thaw stable. 

• Traditional and Ready-to-Use Glazes that give fruits and desserts a beautiful shine while sealing in freshness. 

• Mirror Glaze Deluxe - A high-quality line of cold application glazes. This is designed to use on pastries, cakes and desserts such as mousses, cheesecakes and bavarois, where a hot glaze cannot be used. The Mirror Glaze Deluxe, which gives a great shine, can be applied with a brush to fresh fruits or spread using a palette knife on cakes.




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