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Darbo has a history that spans more than 100 years of experience and expertise in processing the very best quality fruit and honey products. Today, the company has grown to become the market leader in fine fruit preserves and bakery products in Austria and has gained a strong presence worldwide, exporting to more than 60 countries. Darbo All Natural Preserves stand above the rest in both quality and presentation. Only the best fruits are selected from the world’s most famous growing regions, combined only with sugar instead of corn syrup or HFCS, as well as lemon juice concentrate instead of citric acid. Careful heating and delicate methods are used to preserve the fruit’s natural aroma.  


In 1879, Adolf Darbo had just opened his “fruit steam works” in Görz, Austria, setting the foundation for the company that today is one of the most successful food companies in the country. As a family-owned business, Darbo focused on providing the highest quality fruit products to the catering and food service industry, and through the years expanded to the retail market. In Austria, Darbo is a clear market leader, holding 59% of the market share in preserves and 42% in honey.


Darbo products include fine all-natural preserves, bakery marmalades, honey and lingonberry compote, that have become a staple in the world’s most refined establishments. Their success is a result of selecting only the best fruit from different regions of Europe (for example, Black Cherries from Switzerland, Rose Apricots from Eastern Europe and Lingonberries from Scandanavia) and employing careful methods of preparation. 


Created from an old family recipe, Darbo All-Natural Preserves are prepared without boiling, but carefully warmed to maintain all the nutrients and full fruit flavors. Their attractive 1 oz. glass jars provide great presentation for fine dining tables, and can also be personalized with corporate logos for a truly complete image. Half-ounce plastic portions are also available and are a great solution for the breakfast buffet. Darbo Marmalades are free of artificial colors or flavorings, and made exclusively of fresh fruit and sugar – another high quality product for the kitchen. 


With unbeatable flavors, purity, image and product presentation, the company now exports their specialty products to more than 60 countries all over the world and employs over 300 people. From the 7-star Burj-al-Arab hotel in Dubai and the Bayerischer Hof in Munich, to the Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur, Darbo is at home in all the world's exclusive establishments.

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  1. Darbo Compound,orange
    Darbo Compound,orange Item #: 8317817 c
    As low as $30.27
  2. Darbo Jam,peach
    Darbo Jam,peach Item #: 8789209 c
    As low as $37.56
  3. Darbo Syrup,elderflower
    Darbo Syrup,elderflower Item #: 8138181 c
    As low as $11.66
  4. Darbo Filling,apple
    Darbo Filling,apple Item #: 8632328 c
    As low as $45.25
  5. Darbo Compound,strawberry
    Darbo Compound,strawberry Item #: 8319217 c
    As low as $38.73
  6. Darbo Compote,lingonberry
    Darbo Compote,lingonberry Item #: 8022984 c
    As low as $73.22
  7. Darbo Jam, Raspberry
    Darbo Jam, Raspberry Item #: 8133209 c
    As low as $38.51
  8. Darbo Jam,raspberry
    Darbo Jam,raspberry Item #: 8516196 c
    As low as $43.07
  9. Darbo Compound,raspberry
    Darbo Compound,raspberry Item #: 8314717 c
    As low as $34.31
  10. Darbo Jam,black Currant
    Darbo Jam,black Currant Item #: 8181209 c
    As low as $37.27
  11. Darbo Jam,forrestberries
    Darbo Jam,forrestberries Item #: 8308203 c
    As low as $12.73
  12. Darbo Filling,sourcherry
    Darbo Filling,sourcherry Item #: 8370428 c
    As low as $52.08
  13. Darbo Jam,grape
    Darbo Jam,grape Item #: 8538209 c
    As low as $38.82
  14. Darbo Jam,lingonberries
    Darbo Jam,lingonberries Item #: 8305852 c
    As low as $17.67
  15. Darbo Compound,mango
    Darbo Compound,mango Item #: 8315417 c
    As low as $34.31
  16. Darbo Marmalade,orange
    Darbo Marmalade,orange Item #: 8848192 c
    As low as $49.00
  17. Darbo Jam,orange Btr
    Darbo Jam,orange Btr Item #: 8926369 c
    As low as $27.12
  18. Darbo Jam,apricot
    Darbo Jam,apricot Item #: 8900320 c
    As low as $11.27
  19. Darbo Jam,strawberry
    Darbo Jam,strawberry Item #: 8126209 c
    As low as $36.04
  20. Darbo Jam,orange Btr
    Darbo Jam,orange Btr Item #: 8140209 c
    As low as $38.51

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