About Swiss Chalet

Mission   Renowned Ingredients   Consistent Results   Quality that is Tested and Guaranteed

Delivering the highest quality, specialty products from around the world.

Swiss Chalet Fine Foods has provided food service professionals with unique, premium quality products from Europe and abroad. As part of the Gellert Global Group specialty food division, we strive to provide an unparalleled level of service to our customers, which range from professional kitchens, hotels, restaurants, and caterers, to pastry shops, chocolatiers, and small independently owned businesses.

With facilities in Houston (TX), Carson (CA), Lakewood (NJ) and Miami (FL), the Swiss Chalet Fine Foods network continues to grow. Swiss Chalet Fine Foods houses state-of-the-art professional kitchens available for customer use and in-house training; just one more example of our commitment to total customer satisfaction.

With the support of an experienced sales staff in the field and a dedicated Customer Service Department, you can expect us to meet your demands for the best products available in a timely and reliable fashion. We invite you to make us your nationwide specialty distributor.

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The source of exclusive ingredients from Europe and Asia for the Professional Chef.

Internationally Renowned Ingredients

At Swiss Chalet, we have encompassed a selection of the finest quality, specialty food products from internationally recognized brands, covering the spectrum of savory and sweet specialties–everything from easy-to-prepare bases and sauces to delectable Swiss chocolates and pastry shells.

Consistent Results. Ease of Preparation. Cost Savings. Versatility.

Our cutting-edge products offer not only a beautiful finish, but also ease of use and time-saving preparation. This equates to reduced waste, consistent, high quality results, and ultimately value-added costs savings and increased profits. Our products are versatile, practical and smart, catering to our largest chain and institutional customers, as well as our smaller specialty restaurants and bakeries. Many of our products also offer unique qualities, like being clean label, gluten free and sugar free.

Quality that is Tested and Guaranteed.

Our promise of quality is by far our greatest asset. We stand behind our products because our inspection of quality goes far beyond a simple taste test. Our staff runs our products through a multitude of trials, like checking how our pastry shells endure baking when they have been pre-filled and refrigerated, or how many ways our Haco Crème Brülée Mix can be adapted to prepare anything from bread pudding to a filling cream. And through an open exchange of communication with our customers we continue to improve our products based on their day-to-day experiences. You can be sure that any product we offer has been carefully studied and held to the highest standard.