Wisconsin Cheese Dog with Bacon

by Chef Klaus Mueller


Cut hot dog length wise in the center, but not all the way, fill with desired cheese and wrap in
bacon, pan sear the hot dogs with the butter until bacon is golden brown and the cheese is
melted inside.


Place Menu Antipasto (cold or hot) on the bottom of desired dish, place hot dog in the center of the antipasto. Add condiments, either straight of a virin as shown in the picture. Skewer 4 Menu Cipollini Onions and use as garnish and place on one corner of the dish.


• 6 Hot Dogs each
• 6 oz of Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese
• 6 oz of Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese white (optional)
• 6 oz of Wisconsin Swiss cheese (optional)
• 6 Slices of thick cut bacon
• 1.5 oz of unsalted butter
• 2.5 oz of Menu Antipasto Gitano
• 4 each Menu Cipollini Onions in Balsamic Vinegar 


• 1.5 oz of curry ketchup
• 1.5 oz of Edmond Fallot Whole Grain Mustard