Born in Austria
Worked for:
  • - Bad Gastein Austria
  • - Mountains of Zurs Austria
  • - Hotel La Palma
  • - Doral Country Club
  • - Eden Roc

Chef Klaus Mueller

Culinary Director - Swiss Chalet Fine Foods

Chef Mueller was born and raised in Austria.

At a very young age he became very interested in the world of cooking, largely in part of his Mother’s passion for cooking as she did at Home caring for a large Family but also held a full time job as the Chef in an Assisted living Facility.

In July of 1978, Chef Mueller began his apprenticeship in Bad Gastein Austria at the tender age of 15 for a hard eye opening three years between the Hotel Habsburgerhof and Hotel Kaiserhof.

Chef Mueller Graduated in 1981 after taking the Exam at the Culinary Institute of Salzburg and the Country of Austria.

After that, Chef Mueller went on to Germany and worked for a well renowned Restaurateur and opened the Convention Center and Casino in Balingen, Germany

Then, Chef Mueller went on and worked at the very prestigious Mountains of Zurs Austria, where he became close Friends with the Ownership who recommended Chef Mueller to go and explore other options in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.

The time in Switzerland was very rewarding, I spend 2 Years or four Seasons there, two Summers in Bad Ragaz, Hotel Quellenhof and Two Winters in Davos , Hotel Schweizerhof .

After this time, Chef Mueller and some Friends had a wonderful 3 a.m. epiphany and decided to pack up and try their luck in the United States, no one exactly knew where to, so a map was pulled out and Miami was decided upon.

Here, Chef Mueller worked at the Melody Inn Restaurant and later at the Hotel La Palma in Coral Gables, Vintons Restaurant to be exact, where we still put pillows under Ladies feet for their utmost comfort during their Dining experience.

In 1990, Chef Mueller went to the Doral Country Club and began a wonderful career where he was able to work his way up all the way to the top, from restaurant Chef, Banquet Chef and Executive Level.

In 1999 Chef Mueller left Doral and became the Executive Chef at the Eden Roc a Renaissance Resort and Spa Hotel on Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.

2007 the Eden Roc underwent a very extensive Renovation and was closed for a Year. During this time, Chef Mueller was approached by Swiss Chalet Fine Foods and Haco Swiss, where his plan was to stay for just the year and return back to the hotel once it reopens.

As what is life, the year passed, hotel called Chef to return to his duties, Chef Mueller decided to stay with Swiss Chalet and truly learn another part of being a Chef and showcase some truly unique options for today’s well educated and modern Chefs whether it be by training Culinary Staff in some of the best Hotels in the Country, Seminars or as simple as doing a product demonstration.

Today, Chef Mueller is enjoying his endeavors and has found some extra time to spend with his family, something he says he missed out on for many years.