Bakbel Europe S.a. Coating white 1/26.5 Lb

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  • Kosher
Bakbel White Coating Chocolate is an effective alternative to chocolate and is suitable for all applications where you want a taste, look, and mouthfeel similar to chocolate. The advantage of this product is that, unlike chocolate, it does not contain cocoa butter, which makes it easy to use as it does not require any tempering. In addition to dipping and coating, is also suitable for decorating and molding. It gives a delightful shine with a hard snap, just the way you want it. With the product formulations, and quality-assured production in our factory in Sweden. This is a high-quality non-tempering coating with an excellent taste of dark chocolate. Made from RSPO-certified segregated palm oil. Does not contain any hydrogenated fat. Free from soy.

White Chocolate Coating Firm

Chunks - Smooth white chocolate taste, used for coating and dipping. Excellent for decorating and molding. Produced in the shape of chunks.

Halal, Kosher

Working Method

• To be melted in a double sauce-pan or in a microwave oven.

• To be melted in a double sauce-pan or in a microwave oven.

• The temperature of the melted chocolate coating should not exceed 45°C/113°F.

• The chocolate coating product should not be tempered.