Austrian Linzer Cake

by Darbo


Whip the soft butter with the cinnamon, clove powder, salt, vanilla sugar, the lemon zest and juice, powdered sugar and rum in the blender for about 10 minutes until it has a very fluffy consistency. Next, stir the eggs one at a time into the mixture. Do not ad and stir in the next egg until the mixture has completely absorbed the one before. In the meantime, line the cake hoop with the baking paper. Mix the flour, baking powder and hazelnuts and stir them slowly into the mixture. Put about 3/4 of the mixture into the cake hoop and spread it smooth. Now spread the Darbo Raspberry Marmalade no seeds filling evenly on top. Next, fill a star-tipped piping bag with the rest of the Linz mixture. 

First squirt the typical lattice pattern onto the fruit filling, then finish with the edge along the cake hoop. Bake the cake in a pre-heated oven for about 45 minutes at 338 F. After baking, allow the cake to cool down fully, cut it out of the hoop and remove the baking paper. 


Before serving, garnish with flaked almonds and sprinkle with powdered sugar.


Cake tin diameter approximately 24cm

• 375g butter

• 240g powdered sugar

• 1 pack vanilla sugar

• 10g cinnamon powder

• 1.5g clove powder

• 1 pinch salt

• 1/2 a lemon (juice & zest)

• 2cl rum (38%)

• 4 eggs

• 350g flour

• 350g grated hazelnuts

• 1 pack baking powder

• Approx. 300g strained Darbo Raspberry Marmalade No Seeds

• Approx. 50g flaked roast almonds to garnish

• Baking paper for lining the cake hoop