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Carma White Nuit Blanche 37%
Item #: 12113
Brand: CARMA
Packaging: 2 / 5 KG
White Nuit Blanche 37% is the whitest couverture on the market with a balanced taste profile and brilliant color. It is made with real Swiss cream for a perfect texture and smooth finish. With its high cocoa butter content and a very low sugar content, it is truly one of a kind.

Mastered to perfection

- Pure white color and creamy texture
- Very low sugar content
- High cocoa butter content

Known as:
- The whitest couverture on the market with real cream

Couverture Blend:
Min. 37% Cocoa: 39.2% Cocoa butter, 0% Fat-free cocoa (solids)
Min. 22.3% Milk: 5.7% Milk fat,17.6% Fat-free milk (solids)
Min. 45% Fat: 39.2% Cocoa butter, 5.7% Milk fat
Fluidity: medium • •

Kosher Dairy, Halal