La Rose Noire Frz carolines Asst 1/72ct

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These pastries have a unique, contemporary look with a traditional French heritage. Crafted with the finest ingredients and filled with six original flavors. Components: choux pastry, flavored pastry cream filling, hand-painted chocolate
Length: 60 mm/ 2.36 inches, Width: 25 mm/ 0.98 inch, 13-15 gr/0.46 - 0.53oz/pc - 24pcs/tray - 3 trays/case With this unique contemporary look combined with French Pastry Heritage. It has exceptional quality filled with tasty flavor inside and the finest ingredients. Constant innovation created by La Rose Noire, a delight that you have never seen before. • Mini Éclairs • Components: Choux pastry, Flavored Pastry Cream Filling, Hand painted in chocolate • Six Flavors – Pistachio, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon • LRN signature on this item; Éclair is inverted. Bottom of the choux pastry was dipped in chocolate and hand painted • This is a frozen product and must be tempered the same as a macaron • Product is upside down in its package on purpose. • Must be defrosted with the case right side up to prevent condensation softening the choux pastry. Handling of Les Carolines: • Always store at -18°C/0°F • Defrost in refrigerator at +4°C/+39°F for 8 hours and its original sealed packaging. • Consume immediately after opening.