Truffle, Porcini, Radicchio

by Chef Klaus Mueller and Chef Maurizio Ferrari


In a bowl mix Mascarpone, Mushroom Cream and Mushroom with Truffle Cream and parsley. Fill each tart shell with 1/8 of the filling, top with 1/2 oz of Radicchio. Add tea spoon of Smoked Gouda and bake 385˚ for 8-10 minutes. Serve hot with Crispy Prociutto and Parmiggiano Chip.


As desired.


La Rose Noire Les Milles Feuilles Tartshell 8 shells Menu Mushroom with truffle 2 oz Menu Radicchio 4 oz Menu Mushroom Cream 3 oz Gelmini Mascarpone 3 oz Celebrity Smoked Gouda Cheese 1.5 oz Egg 4 Del Destino Sweety Drops to garnish Fontana Prosciutto 6 slices, garnish Salt to taste Pepper to taste Parsley 1/2 tspn Parmiggiano Crispy Chips to garnish