Scallops Ceviche Salad

by Chef Klaus Mueller and Chef Maurizio Ferrari


Chop the scallops, tricolor pepper, 1 oz Menu Dorati and place everything in a bowl, add the sweet drops, lemon juice, tarragon adjust salt and pepper and let it marinate for few hours.


Serve the ceviche inside La Rose Noire Multigrain tart shell, garnish with Dorati tomatoes and capers.


La Rose Noire Multigrain Tart Shell Large 6 Scallops 12 oz Tri-color Peppers 1 oz Dorati Tomatoes 2 oz Mini Capers in Olive Oil 1/2 oz Del Destino Sweety Drops Red & Yellow 1/2 oz Villa Manodori Lemon Infused Xv Olive Oil 1/2 oz Lemon, juice 1 Fresh Tarragon 1 teaspoon