Sunny Side Up Egg on Tart Shell

by Chef Maurizio Ferrari/Chef Klaus Mueller


Fill each tart shell with a egg and bake at 380˚F for 8 minutes in Rational ovens (25 mins for regular oven). Mix the Mascarpone, Menu Mushroom Truffle Cream and make the quenelle. Place on top of tart shell.


On your favorite plate: pour the the hollandaise sauce on the plate, place the tart on top, garnish with quenelle. Garnish with micro greens.


La Rose Noire Les Milles Tart Shell Large 4 Eggs 4 Menu Mushroom Cream with Truffle aroma 2oz Gelmini Mascarpone 2oz Haco Swiss Hollandaise 4oz Salt to taste Pepper to taste Reclea Speck, crispy for garnish