Pan Seard Scallops with Dorati, Capers, and Cherry Balsamic

by Chef Klaus Mueller and Chef Maurizio Ferrari


Cut the La Rose Noire puff pastry in rectangular pieces, spread the Menu olive cream on it and bake at 385˚F for 8 minutes. Set aside. In frying pan, pan sear the scallops until they have a nice brown color on each side. Drizzle the Villa Manadori balsamic on the plate, place the cooked olive pastry on in, add the scallops, Menu Dorati, Menu Small Capers, and the Del Destino Sweety drops.


   Serve hot.


La Rose Noire Puff Pastry Sheet                     2
Menu Cream of Black Olives                          2 oz
Villa Manodori Dark Cherry Balsamic             1 oz
Menu Peppers Tri-color                                  1 oz
Del Destino Sweety Drop Red & Yellow         1 oz
Menu Small Capers in Olive Oil                      1 oz
Scallops                                                           1 lb
Chimay Unsalted Butter                                  2 oz