Friarilli Tart

by Chef Klaus Mueller and Chef Maurizio Ferrari


In a sauce pan cook the onion, carrots and celery, until tender. In a bowl mix together the Chopped Friarielli, Onion, celery, carrots , Garlic Powder, Egg, Cream, Hacomat and goat cheese, mix well. Fill up the shells with the mixture and bake at 385˚ for 8-10 minutes. Serve hot with some micro green salad, Red Pesto and Parmiggiano chip.


Menu Red Pesto to garnish with Agriform Parmiggiano Reggiano 


La Rose Noire Tart Shells 6

Menu Friarielli, chopped 4oz

Hacomat pinch

Onion, diced 1.5oz

Celery, diced 1.5oz

Carrots, diced 1.5oz

Garlic powder pinch

Celebrity Goat Cheese 4oz

Europa Olive Oil 1/2oz

Egg 1

Cream 2oz

Menu Red Pesto garnish

Agriform Parmiggiano Reggiano 1oz for parmiggiano chip decoration