Frutty Crown

by La Rose Noire


Crunchy Raspberry and Macadamia Praline Method

Heat the Macadamia praline at 60º together with the Glicemul in order to get it

completely melted into the praline. Mix well to get it combined and then add the

remaining ingredients. Use it straight away.

Lemon Compote Method

Dice the blancehd lemons and cooked togheter with the sugar, pectin and honey unil

get like a confiture. Blend he mixture once done until get like a paste.

Coconut Cremeux Method

Mix the coconut pure with the cream. Beside mix sugar and pectin and then add to the

previous mixture. Bring the mixture to boiling point. Remove from the heat and add the

coconut paste. Pour into round lollypop molds and freeze. Once frozen, unmold and roll onto grated

coconut. Keep in the fridge.

Rhubarb and Pear Jelly Method

Mix all ingredients together and bring to boil. Place into a container 2 cm. high and let

to set in the fridge. Once setted, cut in square shapes and use.


Fill the tartlet with the macadamia and raspberry praline. Pour on top the compote. Then place some coconut creamy balls and rhubarb jelly on top of the compote and decorate as desired.


Crunchy Raspberry and Macadamia Praline

Macadamia praliné         500 g
Salt                                 3 g
Glicemul                         8 g
Freeze dried raspberry  30 g

Lemon compote

Blanched lemon            300 g
Caster sugar                  240 g
Darbo Honey                 60 g
Pectine jaune                 2 g

Coconut cremeux

Ponthier Coconut purée    100 g
Cream                               360 g
X-58 pectin                        6 g
Sugar                                90 g
Pernigotti Coconut paste  25 gç
Grated coconut as needed

Rhubarb and pear jelly

Rhubarb pure                    300 g
Ponthier Pear puree          150 g
Water                                 50 g
Lemon juice                       25 g
Vegetable gel                     25 g
Chef Rubber Red color as needed