Speculoos Fever

by La Rose Noire


Praliné soft sponge Method

Whip butter and Cemoi praliné. Beside mix yolks and sugar 1. Sift flour and starch. Whip egg whites and sugar 2. Mix the first mixture with the yolks one. Then add the meringue delicately and as last the flour and starch. Pipe 1 cm thick (850 g per tray 60x40 cm) and then spread all over the hazelnuts crushed. Bake for 13 minutes at 175ºC. Cool down and cut in desired shape.

Hazelnut Mousseline Cream Method

Make a crème pâtissière and then add the gelatin mass and praline. Mix thoroughly. Add the butter and chill. Whip in the mixer while it is very cold and use immediately.

Caramel chocolate and spices Chantilly Method

Heat 80g. of the cream together with the glucose and then pour onto the melted chocolate. Mix well. Add the remaining 300 g of cold cream and mix again. Let 12 hours in the fridge. Whip and use straight.

Golden Rocks Method

Melt chocolate. Add Maltosec and mix well until get like a playdough texture. Brake the dough in small peaces. Place them into the freezer for 5 minutes to get them hard. Remove and rubber them lightly with your hands in order to polish the edges. Dust them with gold powder. Keep at room temperature into an airtight container.



Place the sponge in the bottom of the tartlet. Pipe the Mousseline cream onto and make it flat using a spatula. Place a chocolate decoration on top with a hole in the middle. Whip the Chantilly and them make quenelles with and place them on top of the tartlet. Finish with some golden rocks and crushed hazelnuts.


Praliné soft sponge

Cemoi Praliné 50%                 135 g

Butter                                      120 g

Sugar                                       60   g

Egg yolk                                   165 g

Corn starch                             15   g

Cake flour                               15   g

Egg whites                               240 g

Sugar 2                                    120 g

Pernigotti hazelnuts (crushed)   60 g

Hazelnut Mousseline Cream    

Vanilla pod                              1 unit

Milk                                         325 g

Cream                                     60   g

Sugar                                       50   g

Cornstarch                              35   g

Egg yolks                                 75   g

Swissco Vanilla beans             1 unit

Cemoi Praliné 50%                  200 g

Bloomed gelatin powder            21 g

Butter softened                        180 g

Caramel chocolate and spices Chantilly

Cream                                     380 g

Speculoos spice mix                as needed

Glucose                                   25 g

Milk caramel chocolate          150 g

Golden Rocks

Maltosec                                   20 g

Europa Dark chocolate           100 g

Gold powder                           as needed