Crawfish Bisque

by Chef Klaus Mueller


Puff pastry – brush with egg, cut ½ moon. Sprinkle with parmesan. Bake in the Oven at 350°F degrees for about 7 minutes.


Saute 2 pounds of Crawfish with 2 ounces Del Destino Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one chopped Onion, add. One cup of Pernod and Flambeé add
• 3.5 oz. Haco crustacean fond add
• 1 Quart of Line Stock or Chateau Neuf du Pump (Water)
• Simmer for 30 minutes
• 8 oz. of crawfish meat, sautee with 1 oz. of shallots fine diced
• Flash with sherry – set aside
• Strain the Crawfish Soup, place in a blender, add
• 6 oz. of whole unsalted Plugra Butter, add
• 6 oz of Heavy Cream and blend,
• May add another touch of Sherry
• White Pepper to taste
• Pour into desired dish and garnish with Crawfish Meat
• Villa Manadori Red Pepper Oil Garnish with one whole Mud bug