Wood Ash Roasted Heirloom Beets, Darbo Apricot, Dark Cherry Vinegar, Lemon Oil foam

by Chef Klaus Mueller


Cool beets, then finish over hot wood ash for 10 minutes and peel the beets. Quarter beets and keep them separated (yellow & red). Add 2 oz. of Darbo Apricot Marmalade to each. Add 2 oz. of Dark Cherry Vinegar ( Villa Manadori) and roast @ 385° for 6 minutes in the oven – remove from oven and cool. Then plate it, garnish as desired, Romanesco and mashe lettuce as shown in the picture



1 lb. Yellow Beets

1 lb. Red Beets

Cook ¾ of the way, leave al dente


Lemon Oil Foam

150 gr. Lemon juice

100 gr. Simple syrup

250 gr. Water

4 gr. Soy Lecithin powder