Porcini Mushroom Cream Verrine

by Chef Klaus Muller


1.5 ounces of Haco Swiss Aspic, pour into warm water and bring to 180 degrees F.

Pour 2 ounces in desired Virin and let cool over night

To finish:

Use 2 ounces of Menu Porcini Cream and place atop the Aspic.

Pipe 1.5 ounces of either hot or cold Mashed Potato atop the Porcini Cream, (if desired, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, parmesan, herb etc. may be added to the Potato)

Garnish with slices of Crimini Mushrooms on each side of the Virin and a nice Mushroom Cap atop the Mashed Potatoes.

For the Oregano Potato Chip, thin slices (best result with commercial slicer) place 12 pieces on a silicon mat, brush with Butter, place three leafs of Oregano along the center, place another slice of Potato carefully on top and brush with butter again without separating the chip, place another silicon mat on top and bake in the Oven for 8 to 10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or until golden brown, remove from Oven and let cool, place diagonal into the Virin and serve.


It may be served warm or cool. Wonderful appetizer or in a smaller setting a passed hors’d heuvre


3 cups Haco Swiss Aspic Jelly light

24 ounces Menu Porcini Mushroom Cream

24 ounces Mashed Potato

24 each Crimini Mushrooms for Garnish

24 slices of Idaho Potato, brushed with Butter

36 Oregano leafs

Oregano for garnish