Viennese Sacher Brownie

by Darbo


Make a fluffy, soft butter mixture from butter, powdered sugar,vanilla marrow and egg yolks. Add the liquid chocolate and
stir it in briefly. Whisk the egg whites with the crystalsugarto form a solid white mixture, then use a cooking spoon to fold this white mixture into the butter mixture. Finally,stir in the sieved flour gradually and lightly. Line the cake hoop with baking paper, spread and smooth the Sacher mixture and bake in the oven for about 50 minutes at 175° C. Cut the cake out of the hoop once it has cooled, and cut it through horizontally once or twice with a cake knife. Spread Darbo finely strained apricot fruit filling onto the cake layers and put them back together again immediately. Briefly heat up the remaining conserve, and use a baking brush to
spread it thinly on the surface of the cake and the outer sides. Now place the cake onto the lattice glazing rack and set it aside to cool for a short time.

Preparation of the Sacher glaze:

For the glaze, boil the sugar and water for 5 to 6 minutes. Stirring in the chopped chocolate produces a shiny, smooth glaze. Cool the glaze down to lip temperature by stirring it occasionally, then pour it over the cake in one go. Now use a pallet to spread it as smoothly as possible over the surface and edges. Place the cake to one side to cool until the glaze has completely set.


Serve as desired.



· 1 cake hoop (22 cm diameter)

· 1 lattice glazing rack

· 1 pallet

· 1 baking brush

· baking paper


Sacher mixture ingredients

· 140 g butter

· 110 g powdered sugar – marrow of half a vanilla pod

· 6 eggs

· 130 g chocolate coating (liquid)

· 110 g crystal sugar

· 140 g finely ground flour

· 450 g Darbo apricot jam


Sacher glaze ingredients

· 200 g crystal sugar

· 125 ml water

· 150 g chopped dark chocolate coating