Chocolate Strawberry Tart

by Chef Rob Sobkowski


PROCEDURE: Prepare the shells: 1. Fill the LaRose Noire AOP Almond Shells 1/3 of the way up with the Darbo Strawberry Marmalade.

Prepare the Ganache: Yield 32 Medium Round Tart Shells 16 oz Heavy Cream 16 oz 31515 Felchlin Costa Rica 70%
1. Place the Felchlin Costa Rica 70% into a bowl and bring the heavy cream to a boil.

2. Add the hot cream to the chocolate 1/3 at a time, stirring each time to fully incorporate the cream before adding the next addition.

3. Pipe the warm ganache directly into the prepared tart shells and allow it to set.

4. Once the ganache is set, top each tart with a fresh strawberry.

5. Brush each strawberry with the Bakbel Diamond Glaze Gold. (Thin down with water as needed)

6. Cover the edges with the Felchlin Forestero Cacao Nibs Caramelized.

7. Top each tart with a chocolate decoration made with the Felchlin Ultra Dark M.


Prepare the Strawberry Sauce: 12 oz 28005 Ponthier Strawberry Puree 12 oz 41083 Bakbel Diamond Glaze Gold

1. Place the puree and glaze into a container and stir with a rubber spatula until both ingredients are completely combined.

2. Adjust the consistency as needed; too thin more glaze, too thick more puree.


LaRose Noire AOP Almond Medium Round Tart Shell

Darbo Strawberry Marmalade

Felchlin Costa Rica 70%

Bakbel Diamond Glaze Gold

Felchlin Forestero Cacao Nibs Caramelized

Felchlin Ultra Dark M

Painted Hearts Transfer Sheets

Ponthier Strawberry Puree