Tomato Soup

by Klaus Mueller, Corporate Executive Chef


Tomato Soup
Place water in a pot and warm. Add the tomato soup powder and bring to a boil and let simmer for about 3 minutes. Serve in any desired bowl.

Tomato Soup - Enhanced
Stir in MENU


In a bowl pour 6 ounces of Tomato Soup (with Pomodorina). Place sour cream in the center of bowl on top of soup. Sprinkle basil julienne as desired and garnish with crisp pancetta.


Tomato Soup
31/2 oz Haco-Swiss Cuisine Santé Tomato Soup
1 qt Water, warm

Enhance with:
4 oz MENU Pomodorina Sauce
1/2 oz Fresh basil, julienne
1 oz Pancetta, diced small & sauteed until crispy
1/4 oz Sour cream, garnish