Cream of Carrots with Oyster Mushrooms by Chef Klaus Mueller

Makes 554 servings


Mix Leek Soupmix with cold water. Add to boiling water. Bring to a second boil. Separately boil the peeled carrots in the Chicken Base until soft to the touch, puree carrots including the stock until smooth in a blender, add the mixture to the simmer Leek Soup, add the cream or milk and keep simmering for and additional 5 minutes. Adjust seasoning if necessary.

Specialty Ingredients:

Leek S Soupmix
6 / 3.5 GAL YLD
Chicken Base S
6 / 2 LB
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1 bx Leek Soupmix
2 qt Water, cold
3 gal Water, boiling
1 qt Chicken Base
11/2 lb Carrots
2 c Cream , or milk