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Martellato Pralines Mold Tridimensional
Item #: 70272
Packaging: 1 / 1 CT
Kosher No
ChocoFruit Chocolate Molds - Apple shape allows you to create candies never been seen before!

Create Chocolate Shapes that resemble miniature fruit. Fill with ganache and fillings to achieve a beautiful candy, or a clever accent for any cake or plated dessert.

Professional three-piece polycarbonate molds snap together and are held firmly together with magnets, to create a unique 3 dimensional final product.

Diameter: 1.02” x h. 1.42”
Diameter: 26mm x h. 36mm
28 pcs/12 grams

Overall mold dimensions: 11" x 7" (275 x 175mm)

Directions of Use:
• Use a brush or spray gun, coat each cavity with cocoa butter.
• Assemble the mold together and fill with tempered white chocolate.
• Then quickly invert the mold and allow the excess white chocolate to drain.
• Allow the white chocolate to cure.
• Now fill each cavity with a desired filling, such as ganache or flavored fillings.
• Close the bottom filling hole with additional tempered chocolate.

Made in Italy