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Menu Mini Red Tomato Peeled
Item #: 7029
Brand: MENU
Packaging: 6 / 28.9 OZ
Mini Red "Pomodori semisecchi pelati Pizzutello"
Mini Red "Peeled Semi Dried Pizzutello Tomatoes"

The Pizzutello is a tomato variety originally from southern Italy, characterised by a round shape and a particularly tasty and sweet pulp. This tomato is picked and processed from fresh. It is sorted and calibrated using an optical sorter which makes it possible to discard any tomatoes with defects, retaining only those with the right color and size. Subsequently, the tomatoes are carefully peeled and lightly dried. The product is then seasoned with spices, and fresh herbs.

Culinary Application
Highly versatile product; ideal to accompany fish-based pasta and rice dishes and main courses, but also definitely interesting for adding flavor to white pizzas.

Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Vegan