Cemoi Dark Chocolate 64
Item #: 18585
Brand: CEMOI
Packaging: 2 / 5 KG
SUCCESSION 64% Dark Chocolate Couverture

Our Succession line offers a complete range of chocolate couvertures. A perfect alliance of tradition and technical skill, these chocolates are able to meet the needs of any chocolatier whether it be for coating, either full or hollow molding, ganache, mousse, etc. This line of chocolate couvertures is available in various percentages of cocoa and comes in 5kg packages. The small button pieces make it easy to use the right quantity and allow for quick melting.

This chocolate couverture has a lot of personality. It harmoniously combines the characteristic bitterness of the best traditional recipes with pleasant cocoa and chocolate notes. A slight coffee note perfects the exquisite taste of this chocolate.

Ideal for: coating, molding, ganache, mousse, creams, glazes, sauces.

Cocoa: 64% Melting temperature 50/55°C Fat: 41% Fluidity: •••••