Cemoi Sustainability


CEMOI's Sustainable Development Strategy (know as TRANSPARENCE CACAO) was developed by the Group CEMOI with the support of THE FOREST TRUST (TFT) organization, of which it is officially a member, which accompanies numerous companies on their sustainable development strategy concerning topics such as palm, soy, or wood. This strategy's three main points:

KNOWING the profile of suppliers, cooperatives and farmers.
TRANSFORMING the needs of the cooperatives and farmers into projects, take in part:
• Local, logistical, strategic priorities
• Socio-economic context
• Local priorities of the community.
VERIFYING the progression of the project with achievement indicators, verifiable by external partners.

The sustainable vision of CEMOI is to offer a quality cocoa that will create added value and profit for all the players of the network.

The program commits to promoting and professionalizing the work of farmers, and also to allow them to acquire the necessary skills to meet CEMOI quality commitments:

PRODUCT QUALITY: Chocolate that is traceable back to its origin.
QUALITY OF FARMER LIFE: Chocolate that promotes and professionalizes the work of the farmer.
ENVIRONMENT QUALITY: Chocolate that contributes to protecting the environment.


The CÉMOI Group recently implemented an innovative tool on the cocoa sector in answer to problems of pre-financing: payment of farmers through mobile phone.

CÉMOI innovates the Ivory Coast by paying cocoa producers through the mobile phone. The farmers, used to having cash, will have the guarantee of being paid promptly and securely. This new method of payment is also expected to save farmers money.

The implementation of this tool comes in answer to difficulties encountered with certain cooperatives in the management of pre-financing. This approach requires a true support on the part of the local CÉMOI teams. A pilot area is being used to optimize the tool, which will be spread across all areas where CÉMOI is present.