Maracaibo 65% 500gr Bar
Item #: 31113BAR
Packaging: 1 / 500 GR BAR
Dark couverture for preparation of exclusive pralines or specialties, for molding of hollow forms or for preparation of ganaches and creams. Maracaibo Clasificado 65%, Couverture Dark Bar 500g, Cacao kernel (Venezuela), sugar, cacao butter, emulsifier, vanilla Madagascar. Cacao Min. 65%

The cacao region “Sur del Lago” is found in Venezuela, near lake Maracaibo. In the hills at the base of the Andes lies an area of approximately 5‘000 ha, which is used to cultivate cacao trees. There are no cooperatives in Venezuela. This is the reason why Felchlin Switzerland works together with three partners in the region. The first partner is the family Franceschi. They have been active cacao farmers for generations and possess their own cultures. In addition, they handle in premium quality cacao, including controlling the quality and the drying process before shipping the cacao beans to Europe. Our second and third partners are Gustavo Bernal and Alejandro Prosperi. Both have a large network of contacts and close relationships with the local cacao farmers.

Flavor profile
The harmonious combination of coffee and plum aromas enhances the distinct cacao flavor. The traditional, gentle processing method unfolds the aromas of orange blossom and cinnamon. These lend a festive character to Maracaibo Clasificado 65 %, which is further enhanced by the final sensation of a light, sweet raisin bouquet.

Main harvest
December – March

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