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Our story begins in 1882 in the confectionery capital of Saint-Étienne. It was all down to creator and pioneer Eugène Weiss who discovered the art of praline, and with his talent for blending, created Le Haut Chocolat®. To preserve this unique artisanal tradition and expertise, Weiss today maintains complete control over the entire production chain, from selecting the finest ingredients such as cocoa beans, hazelnuts, and almonds, to creating luxury boxes of chocolate bonbons. We never stop innovating with and for our treasured clientele. At Weiss, we source the best to create the best.

Weiss aims to keep its ingredients as natural as possible, and never adds any vegetable fat other than cocoa butter. The quality of our products depends on this as well as where these ingredients are sourced. Weiss has selected the best terroirs around the world to source its fruits, nuts, spices, and cocoa beans, for their unrivaled flavors and textures.

The Range: Professional Chocolates, Pralines, and Specialty Products

Eugène Weiss was the first to blend cocoa beans with different origins, and now the entire range is characterized by a rounded, pleasing, and slightly toasted signature. Weiss practices the art of blending with all ingredients, including cocoa beans, almonds, hazelnuts, fruits, and spices. We assemble these elements as a winemaker blends varietals or a whisky distiller their malts.


Weiss is constantly seeking exceptional and original aromas, and has become an expert in blending different cocoa beans from the same country. We select and blend beans from different regions in a single country in order to capture the authenticity, bring out and enhance the aromatic profiles of each origin, and reveal their individual potential.


Thanks to Weiss’s expertise in chocolate production and our deep understanding of each terroir, we are able to determine the perfect combination resulting in a range of unique chocolates. To inspire your creativity and help you find the perfect sales pitch, Weiss is one of the only confectioners to share the details of the cocoa beans that go into each blend. You will, for instance, discover the bittersweet flavors of Ecuadorian beans combined with the power of African chocolate or the surprisingly spicy aromas of Vietnamese cocoa beans.


For the past 135 years, Weiss has been putting its passion, rigor and creativity into producing an exceptional praline that has earned itself an international reputation. Its inimitable signature is characterized by a taste of lightly roasted fresh hazelnuts and almonds with balanced notes of caramel. As with all its pralines, Weiss only uses Valencia and Marcona almonds from Spain, and Roman and Piedmont PDO hazelnuts from Italy.


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